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Our goal is to provide ALL PILOTS the tools you use every day! This site is developed by professional airline pilots that were successful in landing their dream job and we're here to help you do the same. We've been through the process and know what it takes to succeed. We give you the resoures you've been looking for to get hired and then continue to serve you throughout your career. Good luck on your journey to that career of a lifetime!

Interview Prep

A "Gold Mine" of information! Here you'll find our interview database. This section is truly by pilots, for pilots. Our database is full of up to the minute, detailed reports from pilots who have gone before you. You'll see each pilot's report that includes their flight time history, type ratings and outcome of the event. The database includes:

  1. Detailed write-ups filtered by airline
  2. Interview questions and format
  3. Simulator profiles
  4. Psychological evaluations
  5. Ability to page through reports with ease

Interview Consulting / Career Counseling

  1. Pilot Interview Workshops
  2. Interview Prep Services
  3. Special Concerns Counseling
  4. Military to Civilian Transition
  5. FREE Resume Review

Airline Applications

This section is your goto source when it comes to applying for airline jobs. You'll find important information for each airline like:

  1. Application Tips
  2. Example Resume / Cover Letter
  3. Where and how to apply
  4. Website Links
  5. Minimum Requirements
  6. Are they hiring now?

Airline Profiles

Everything you ever wanted to know about the airlines. Information on Legacy carriers, Major, National, LCC, Regional, Cargo and more!

  1. Fleet Composition
  2. Pilot Domiciles
  3. Pay Scales
  4. Work Rules and Benefits
And much, much more!

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