About Us

Our goal is to get you hired by the airline of your choosing! Yes, there are many websites out there that provide similar services. We aim to outperform them all. We are pilots who have been through the process and are flying for a major airline. We know what it takes to get hired! We provide you with a "Gold Mine" of information in our interview database. In the Air Force, my squadron had a "gouge" book where everyone posted their "write-ups" after going to an interview. It was a wealth of information for those of us who were up next. We aim to provide that and much more. My biggest gripe with the other websites I've seen is that they charge a premium, are stuffed full of advertisements and often require logins, passwords and then the spam e-mail follows. Here's how we outperform them:

  1. Free of charge!
  2. No spam e-mail
  3. No advertisements
  4. Responsive web design
  5. Optimized for iPhone, iPad, Android
  6. Easy to use
  7. By pilots, for pilots!

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787 Cockpit Photo