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LogTen Pro

In my opinion, electronic logbooks up to this point have been mostly inadequate and I always worried whether they would be around years down the road. However, times have changed and after much research I finally made the switch and went with LogTen Pro. The benefits of on the fly syncing between iPhone, iPad and my computer were major factors in my decision to go with LogTen Pro. I also like the fact that instructors can sign endorsements, which up to this point no other logbook offered. Coradine has a great team and seems to be in the lead so I feel comfortable that they'll be around for the long haul. The major downside is price! In this case, I feel that I got what a paid excellent quality product with a corporate team dedicated to continuous improvement over the long haul. I also like the fact that every synced device acts like a separate backup of your data....the last thing I want to worry about is having to do regular manual back-ups. There are several reviews and videos online on the software and it's many features. If you do decide to purchase, we have an affiliate relationship with Coradine and will get a small percentage if you use our affiliate links in our Pilot Store. Same price, but you'll be supporting this website! If you like another electronic logbook, feel free to share your experiences here!

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